Calvary's services will be online for the next few weeks.  
Calvary programs and events are postponed until further notice.  Let's stay in touch over the phone and online!

The church office will be closed until April 8.  You can contact us at or 905-563-4151

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If you find me short in things, impute that to my love of brevity. If you find me besides the truth in anything, impute that to my infirmity. But if you find anything here that serves to your furtherance and joy of the faith, impute that to the mercy of God bestowed on you and me. Yours to serve you with what little I have.”   ~ John Bunyan (Works, 1:336)

Andrew Melo

 Andrew Melo, Lead Pastor

Bud Penner

Bud Penner, Care Pastor

 Jeff Boerefyn

Jeff Boerefyn, Elder Chairman

Robert Elliott

Robert Elliott, Elder

 Jon Irwin

Jon Irwin, Elder

Bill Marr

Bill Marr, Elder

Brandon Redinger