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April 7


 Almost everyone enjoys a good love story.  This event before us today is “one of a kind”.

The setting is Jerusalem.  Jesus, the Son of God, is being crucified on a Roman cross.  This shameful three-hour event was orchestrated by Jewish religious leaders and completed by the Roman military.

Amazingly, Jesus made a series of brief comments, while awaiting His death.  One of the comments He made was simply, “Woman, behold your son.”    These four words were to determine His mother Mary’s future.  It would appear that Joseph, her husband, was no longer alive.  Perhaps, as well, Jesus felt no other family member was able to look after her. 

From the cross Jesus gave instruction that the disciple John would in fact become the Blessed Mary’s son.  John 19:26. This is verified by Jesus’ comment to John when He declared, “Behold your mother”.  Think of this, it’s as though Jesus were saying, “John, you must now fill my shoes, take my place, do what I was doing.” 

One may wonder how Mary could handle the viewing of her dying son, it being in such a horrible manner.  She may have been somewhat prepared for this day if she recalled Simeon’s comment to her at His birth, “Yes, a sword will pierce through your own soul also.”  Luke 2:35.

From the cross Jesus demonstrated that compassion and caring can be shown even during times of severe duress.  To list the times in Christ’s life when He showed how deeply He cared for people would fill many pages.  Compassion is love’s twin sister, those who have it will show it. It stands then that Jesus Christ our Lord still cares for others and is saying to you and me, “Behold, the needs of others”.  Let’s allow some Calvary love and caring to find a home in our hearts while we still have the opportunity.  The Cross (Jesus) still speaks. Are we listening?

Pastor L K Redinger 

A short prayer, “Lord Jesus, as we meditate on the cross and its reproach, may we tune in to what Jesus meant in each of His comments.  Help us to reclaim any and all of our first love.  

Give us a caring heart, one that will show itself in more than words only.  In the brief time we have on earth, may we be sure that our time is well spent, sparing us the grief of making excuses in the future. Help us to walk with you today and every day.  In Jesus Name.